MDT 2012 Error – FAILURE: 8000

So we’ve got a few deployment servers here at the office, all of which I admin. Our production one is a bit old, so I set up a new MDT 2012 server to test things out on. It just so happens I do all the cool stuff on the test server, so sometimes our test becomes our production; welcome to IT in Higher Education!

Anyway, my co-workers were imaging from my test server one day when I got the complaint that imaging was no longer working. I was confused. I hadn’t touched anything lately, but I went to take a look.

The deployment would all of a sudden just stop. No errors (visibly), no screens, I was just left with the background of an MDT Windows PE session. Sigh.

I opened up ztigather.log with CMTrace (If you haven’t added this to your Mini PE disk, you’re missing out!) and found the following error: FAILURE: 8000: Running wscript.exe "X:\Deploy\Scripts\ZTIGather.wsf" /nolocalonly1

I wasn’t quite sure what in the world this meant, so I googled. Not much luck. I found a few notes about trying to run the ztigather.wsf script manually by copying the unattend.xml from the deployment share to the locally created ramdrive, so I attempted to do so.

Looking through the logs I could see that it mounted my deployment share properly at ‘Z:\’ so I didn’t suspect anything wrong at first, but when I tried to path out to actually get my unattend.xml file… I couldn’t!

As it turns out, my permissions on my Deployment Share permissions had changed, and the task sequence could no longer access the files on that share. That’s why nothing was showing up! It kept waiting to get files from the deployment share, and it never got anything back.

I remoted into my MDT server, went to my deployment share, made sure that permissions were set back to where they needed to be (Honestly, since it was easier and this is just my test server, I set it to allow ‘Everyone’ read permissions for a short time.) and all was well! We could once again deploy like MDT intended.