Silent or unattended install of Orchestrator 2012 Runbook Authoring Tool

So the other day I found myself setting up a new VDI instance for myself in order to do some work on vacation. I know, I know, why am I working on vacation? That’s besides the point.

I really just needed a few more installs of the Orchestrator Runbook Authoring Tool, one for me, maybe one for a coworker, just in case. The simple way would be to just run the install from the splash screen at ‘setup.exe’ but I wanted to try to make a silent install via the command line! Oh, if only I knew what I was getting into.

First, Microsoft’s official documentation is here: IGNORE IT.

The ‘SetupOrchestrator.exe’ doesn’t do anything (this is of course widely documented on the interwebs even when the official documentation says otherwise) and so we’ve got to use setup.exe instead. Look for it in your ‘Setup’ folder inside of your Orchestrator install iso or folder. You know… ‘<EXTRACTED FOLDER>/Setup/setup.exe’

I found plenty of command line options for the other parts of Orchestrator (Ok, so the official documentation is useful for this part…), but not enough to install *only* the Runbook Authoring Tool. I really wanted the minimum number of arguments to pass to ‘setup.exe’ while still setting everything I needed. No one seemed to have that information. An hour passes, countless pages of Google are searched, and I really didn’t want to brute force guess this…

Thankfully, with only a bit of trial and error, along with some help from a French website ( ), I came up with the following:

Notice a few things:

-No key necessary! We’re just authoring here so Microsoft is nice and doesn’t make us include a key on the command line.

-The argument to specify which components is a bit different than the rest of the System Center suite.

-It wants 3 arguments to specify the major questions, otherwise it happily runs along with default values. And yes, there’s no ‘AcceptEula:YES’ necessary either!

Tada! And that left me with a wonderful silent install of only the Authoring Tool. All was right with the world.